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Highlead HLK-430

Direct Drive Electronic Bar-Tacker

Highlead HLK430 bartack
Highlead HLK430 General Purpose Direct Drive electronic bar tack sewing machine with 60+ pre-programmed patterns included (with the option to add more).

It adopts a built-in high-power direct drive servo motor, professional electronic control system, high-precision stepper motor feeding and clamp lifting devices. Dozens of standard tack styles are pre-programmed in to system memory.  Operators can also use a universal memory card for quick and convenient software updates and for adding additional patterns.

The specially-configured dedicated operation panel allows the operator to set and modify various sewing modes & parameters, with simple push button switching between tack patterns.

It has very fast cycle times with operator adjustable sewing speeds up-to 3200 rpm.  In addition to the maximum sewing speed, the direct drive system accommodates quicker start/end speeds and combines with the electronically controlled feeding+trimming+lifting devices, further reducing the overall cycle time.

A specially designed close thread cutting system has been incorporated to minimize the end length left after trimming; which can help to reduce the need for manual thread snipping.

The most widely used industry standard bar tacking patterns are already pre-programmed inside the machine. The use of optional pattern-editing services also allows for additional sewing patterns to be custom made with-in a 40mm x 30mm area (optional & custom made clamps & patterns sold separately).

This HLK-430 model features a semi-dry head design; with clean oil only supplied to the hook. Other parts are lubricated with a special grease, therefore no oil is used in the needle bar and thread take-up areas, greatly reducing the risk of oil staining materials or contaminating the work area.

The Highlead HLK-430 is designed to be easy to operate, easy to maintain, with high production efficiency and utilises widely available service items and clamps for easier setting up and maintenance in the major manufacturing regions.
Highlead HLK430 bartack sewing machine clamp

Max sewing speed up-to:  3200 rpm
Sewing Area (X-Y) up-to:  40x30mm
Feed type:  Stepping motor
Stitch length:  0.05 - 12.7mm
Number of tack stitches:  Varies by pattern selected
Maximum No. of stitches:  210000 stitches
Work Clamp lifter:  Stepping Motor
Work Clamp lift height up-to:  17mm
Rotary hook:  Shuttle hook (double shuttle hook, optional)
Thread wiper:  Included
Thread trimmer:  Included
Number of build-in patterns:  60+ (up-to 200 can be added)
Pattern storage:  Flash memory
Custom patterns:  optional (load via CF memory card)
Motor:  550W Direct Drive servo
Unit stand:  Included with cut away table top for cylinder overhang.

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