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Highlead GM988

Overlock Sewing Machine

Direct Drive Series
Highlead GM988
Highlead GM988 industrial overlock sewing machine series with direct drive motor system.

General purpose model for stitching light to medium weight materials. Suitable for use in manufacturing a wide range of clothing/textiles and able to produce a well balanced stitch formation, resulting in top quality seams. 

The integrated direct drive motor system operates smoothly and quietly.  The operating speed is widely adjustable & under the direct control of the user.  Up-to 40% energy saving are possible when compared to a conventional clutch type motor system.

Both the stitch length and differential feed amounts are easy to adjust and set.  A needle area LED light is also included as standard equipment.        
  • Direct Drive motor system
  • Fully automatic enclosed oil system with filter
  • Silicone needle cooling device
  • Differential feed adjusting lever
  • Dial adjusting stitch regulator
  • Top & bottom edge trimming knives.
  • LED needle area light
  • Value for money service items
  • Max sewing speed: 5500spm
  • Stitch length: 1-4.5mm
  • Presser foot lift: 5.5mm
  • Differential ratio: 0.7 - 2
  • Needle standard B27
  • Other specs. subject to sub-class
GM988-3Z = 3 thread model
GM988-4Z = 4 thread model
GM988-5Z = 5 thread model
Integrated Direct Drive motor systemNeedle area LED light
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