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Highlead GC24688-2D

Heavy Duty Twin Needle Post-Bed Machine

With Automatic Thread Trimmer

highlead GC24688-2D post bed sewing machines

High Specification Walking Foot Post Bed with Automatic Thread Trimmer


Highlead's GC24688-2D "top of the range" twin needle walking foot post-bed lockstitch sewing machine fully equipped with automatic thread trimmer, automatic reverse, automatic foot lifter, stitch program, dial adjustable walking foot, quick stroke adjustment, automatic lubrication and electronic servo needle position motor etc.

For use in many sections of the heavy duty industry including the manufacture & topstitching of high-end house hold upholstery, office furniture, car upholstery & interiors, leather goods, filters, technical textiles, plastic and laminated products etc.

The post bed design gives you greater access and control when sewing decorative (top stitching) & functional stitching on shaped or 3d items, which would normally be difficult or impossible to sew on a standard flat bed machine.

Its heavy duty triple feeding action by way of: bottom feed, needle feed and walking foot top feed, guarantees effective handling of medium/heavy weight materials and fabrics.

Designed to meet high quality and high performance demands with expert operator aids and devices fitted as standard.

Optional pneumatic seam centre guide available combined with special sewing foot.

Machine supplied complete on unit stand with slant base board and world class electronic control system and servo drive motor manufactured by Mitsubishi of Japan.


highlead GC24688-2D post bed sewing machine


Highlead heavy duty post bed sewing machine

Walking foot quick stroke adjustment

Easy to operate top dial adjusts the alternating presser
foot movement and automatically sets the corresponding sewing speed.

Highlead Sewing Machines



  • Versatile Post Bed Shape
  • Twin needle lockstitch sewing.
  • Bottom and needle feed + top walking foot feed.
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Automatic reverse back-tack
  • Automatic foot-lifter
  • Quick presser foot stroke adjuster
  • Easy under arm operator controls.
  • Vertical large hook & bases
  • 170mm Post bed height
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Up-to 9mm stitch feature.
  • Mitsubishi electronic control system
  • Mitsubishi HD needle position servo motor.
  • Max sewing speed: 2400rpm
  • Stitch length: 0-9mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 34mm
  • Post bed height: 170mm
  • Feed system: Triple
  • Presser foot lift by hand: 10mm
  • Presser foot lift by pneumatic: 16mm
  • Presser foot alternation: 1-7mm
  • Needle gauge standard: 8mm (10,12mm option)
  • Needle: DP x 35R  size 19 - 25 (23 standard)
  • Motor: Mitsubishi servo electronic



Also available are Single needle post bed models:

Highlead GC24688-1L-D  Single needle post-bed with walking foot and thread trimmer (Left post)

Highlead GC24688-1R-D  Single needle post-bed with walking foot and thread trimmer (Right post)



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