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Standard Sewing Machine models


Highlead GC1088 / GC1088-M

Single needle high-speed lockstitch (Standard flat industrial sewing machine workhorse)
GC128-MD3Single needle UBT lockstitch with automatic thread trimmer & stitch program. GC128

Direct Drive single needle straight lock stitch sewing machine with thread trimmer and semi-dry lubrication.

GC0518Needle feed, single needle high-speed lockstitch (needle feed Flat machine).
GC0518A-D3Needle feed UBT, single needle high-speed industrial sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer & stitch program.

Highlead industrial sewing machine models including basic single needle, single needle with automatic thread trimmer, needle feed, needle feed with automatic thread trimmer and latest version with direct drive motor system.


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Highlead models:   GC188-MDZY-4   GG0028   GC1998-MDZ   GC0388   HLK3020   GC0618-1SC   GC24688-2D   GC20618-1


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