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Post Bed Sewing Machines

      GC24608-1Walking foot Single needle post bed , heavy duty with large hook. (L or R)
        GC24618Roller feed post bed single needle driven top & bottom roller feed system

Twin Needle Post Bed Sewing Machine

GC24618-1Roller feed twin needle post bed driven top & bottom roller feed system.
    GC24608-2Highlead GC24608-2 post bed walking footWalking foot twin needle post bed , heavy duty & large hooks.
   GC24628-1Split needle bar twin needle post bed with walking foot, heavy duty, large hooks.
*HIGH SPEC*    GC24688-2DTwin needle post bed walking foot, top of the range, with thread trimmer.

Post bed sewing machines by Highlead; including single and twin needle models + roller feed or walking foot

 The versatile post bed design allows you to stitch hollow, tubular or shaped items which may be difficult to sew on on conventional flat bed sewing machines. 



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Highlead models:   GC188-MDZY-4   GG0028   GC1998-MDZ   GC0388   HLK3020   GC0618-1SC   GC24688-2D   GC20618-1


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