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Highlead GL13118-1

Blind stitch / Felling Hemming Sewing Machine

The Highlead GL13118-1 is a general purpose blind-stitch sewing machine for use on a wide range of materials. 

The machine produces a single thread chainstitch, which on the outside of the fabric appears to be hidden.  The blindstitch depth is easily adjusted, via the control dial, to suit many types and weights of fabrics.

The sewing machine is used throughout the clothing industry: making men's / woman's clothing, plus house hold textiles like curtains and because it is versatile, it is of particular use for alteration work, were many different fabrics are used.

The GL13118-1 is a smooth running sewing machine making blindstitching effortless and as well as sewing flat work, you can swing away the front plate to reveal a cylinder arm for hemming small garments, sleeves and the bottom of trouser legs etc..



  • Smooth & quiet operation
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Adjustable Blindstitch depth
  • Skip & no-skip selector
  • Swing away plate
  • Flat or cylinder arm work.

  • Max sewing speed: 2500rpm
  • Stitch length: 1-7mm
  • Presser foot lift: 8mm
  • Needle size: LWx6T 11-18

Flat or Cylinder arm sewing

Simple to use controls



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