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Highlead GK3088-2T

Feed Off The Arm Sewing Machine (chainstitch).

Highlead GK3088-2T twin needle chain-stitch narrow cylinder feed off the arm industrial sewing machine.

For stitching and lap seaming thin materials i.e. shirts etc.



  • Feed off the arm design.
  • Narrow cylinder shaped arm.
  • 2 needle chain-stitch.
  • High-speed up to 4000 stitch per minute.
  • Adjustable stitch length regulator.
  • Easy threading.
  • Balanced quiet sewing head.
  • Light to light-medium weight fabrics.
  • Overhand unit stand allows full arm access.
  • Max. sewing speed: 4000r.p.m.
  • Stitch length: 1.2 - 3.2mm
  • Needle gauge: 4.8mm (6.4mm option)
  • Presser foot lift: 10mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 28mm
  • Number of needles: 2
  • Number of threads: 4
  • Needle: TV x 64 #14

Highlead GK3088-2T Feed Off The Arm Sewing Machine


Also available heavy material model with puller feed Highlead GK3088-3T


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