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Misleading & Counterfeit Products

Highlead are aware of counterfeit products displaying the Highlead brand name and look-alike goods with similar model numbers being passed off as Highlead products.

The Highlead brand owners, and the UK & Ireland distributors of Highlead sewing machines, are unable to confirm that unofficial goods or counterfeit goods, conform to a particular specification which meets with EU legislation & safety requirements.

Customers are advised not to accept goods with questionable origins supplied with-out a valid HIGHLEAD manufacturers UK/Ireland warranty.

For the avoidance of doubt the exclusive appointed UK & Ireland distributor for all Highlead branded sewing machines and textile equipment is:  J. Braithwaite & Co (Sewing Machines) Ltd, Salford, Manchester England.

For help and advice on purchasing Genuine Highlead Products; please contact us on 0843 289 7715

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